Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Ebb and Flow of energies for astronerds

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Upcoming Moon Cycles and Key Astro Data
(Scroll down for November, October and previous data)

December 2009

○ Full Moon

Thursday 31 December 2009; 19.14 GMT [3.14am New Year’s Day, Hong Kong time]

Sun 10 degrees 15 minutes of Capricorn; Moon 10 degrees 15 minutes of Cancer. The data of the Winter Solstice (see below) and this full moon, where the Sun is loosely conjunct Pluto, strongly suggests the countdown to 2012.

“2012 is about a consciousness shift. What happens on the day itself (11.11 GMT; 21 December 2012) may well appear relatively undramatic, but the message of 2012 is real—it is just too subtle for mainstream media and entertainment. The 2012 shift is a protracted affair; it has already started and will continue for at least two decades after the Mayan end-date. The simple explanation is that it is a shift of consciousness towards a planetary awakening—and beyond. The Earth and the human community are at the beginning of expanding their sense of membership, community and environment.”

This is a comment I have submitted to The Guardian website in response to an article on the upcoming 2012 disaster movie.

The Mayan calendar measures the harmonics of Earth’s relationship with the galaxy. The end of one cycle, which heralds the beginning of another, talks to us of our relationship with the greater Cosmos.

◊ Other Data

Winter Solstice

Monday 21 December; 17.47 GMT [1.47am, Tuesday 22 December, Hong Kong time]

Also on this day, Mars goes retrograde at 19 degrees 42 minutes of Leo. Retrace your steps in any conflicts; regroup your assertive energy and try a new type of action.

Also, Jupiter exactly conjuncts Neptune at about 24 degrees Aquarius.

● New Moon

Wednesday 16 December 2009; 12.03 GMT [8.03pm, Hong Kong time]

Sun and Moon are both at 24 degrees 40 minutes of Sagittarius, square Uranus.

○ Full Moon

Wednesday 2 December 2009; 07.32 GMT [3.32pm, Hong Kong time]

Sun is at 10 degrees 15 minutes of Sagittarius; Moon at 10 degrees 15 minutes of Gemini.

Also on this day, Uranus goes direct, at 22 degrees 42 minutes of Pisces.

Uranus has been retrograde since 1 July 2009. Uranus retrograde in Pisces can make things a little crazy, highlighting the need to be spontaneous. You might have been more rebellious than usual; the challenge was to learn to expect the unexpected. If this has been the case for you, with Uranus going forward today, your life might settle down in the relevant area, depending on the position of transiting Uranus in your own astrological chart.

November 2009

● New Moon

Monday 16 November 2009; 19.15 GMT [3.15am Tuesday 17 Nov, Hong Kong time]

(Yes, at the same Universal time as the Full Moon two weeks earlier.) New Moon is at 24 degrees 34 minutes Scorpio, trine Uranus retrograde.

◊ Other Data

Thursday 5 November 2009

Neptune goes forward in Aquarius; at 23 degrees 41 minutes Aquarius.

The Neptune retrograde, which began on 29 May 2009, heightened our sensitivity. If that did affect you, you might now feel some relief from overwhelm or the feeling of drowning in confusion as Neptune goes forward.

○ Full Moon

Full Moon; Monday 2 November 2009; 19.15 GMT [3.15am Tues 3 Nov, Hong Kong time]

Sun at 10 degrees 30 minutes of Scorpio; Moon at 10 degrees 30 minutes of Taurus.

◊ Other Data

Saturday 31 October /1 November 2009; Halloween/Samhain

Samhain is one of the eight Celtic festivals of light; it is the beginning and end of the Celtic Year and the time when the veil between this world and the astral world is thinnest. Samhain is Witches’ New Year. This festival is also known as the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

October 2009

◊ Other Data

Thursday 29 October 2009; 17.09 GMT [1.09 am Fri 30 Oct, Hong Kong time]

Saturn moves into Libra until October 2012, and as it does so it starts to move into a square with Pluto. Saturn in Libra brings with it the themes of responsibility in relationships and judgment. The challenge is: do not judge others too harshly.

With the Saturn square Pluto transit, the theme of self-control is highlighted. (This transit lasts until 21 August, 2010.)

◊ Other Data

Sunday 25 October 2009 01:00 GMT

British Summer Time ends (Hong Kong is therefore 8 hours ahead of British time from this date forward)

New Moon
Sunday 18 October 2009; 05.34 GMT [13.34 Hong Kong time]; Sun and Moon at 24 degrees 59 minutes of Libra (ie 25 degrees)

Other Data
Tuesday 13 October 2009; 04.36 GMT [12.36 Hong Kong time]
Jupiter goes direct.

Full Moon
Sunday 4 October 2009; 06.11 GMT [14.11 HK time]; Sun at 11 degrees Libra, Moon at 11 degrees Aries

September 2009

New Moon
Friday 18 September 2009; 18.45 GMT [02.45 Saturday 19 September, HK time]; Sun and Moon 25 degrees 59 minutes Virgo (ie 26 degrees), conjunct Saturn opposite Uranus

The conjunction of Saturn opposite Uranus is in place from end of 2008 up to summer of 2010, bringing disputes and a volatile world.

Other Data
Pluto goes direct on Friday 11 September 16.56 GMT (Saturday 12 September at 00.56 Hong Kong time).

Full Moon
Friday 4 September 2009; 16.04 GMT [Saturday 5 Sept, 00.04 HK time]; Sun at 12 degrees Virgo; Moon at 12 degrees Pisces

August 2009

New Moon
Thursday 20 August 2009; 10.03 GMT [6.03pm Hong Kong time]; Sun and Moon 27.5 degrees Leo, conjunct the fixed star Regulus, the Star of Kings, Pharaohs and the Sovereignty of the Soul (at 29 degrees Leo)

Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse: More revelations concerning the Solar Eclipse seeding of 22 July
Thursday 6 August 2009; 00.56 GMT [08.56 HK time]; Sun at 13 degrees Leo, Moon at 13 degrees Aquarius

July 2009

New Moon and the dramatic Solar Eclipse
Wednesday 22 July 2009; 02.36 GMT [10.36 am Hong Kong time]; Moon at 29 degrees of Cancer, trine retrograde Uranus

The eclipse is a seed point, not only for the lunar month that follows but also for the following six months, so ideally you should take some time to hit the reset button.
Stop and be still around 10.36 am (Hong Kong time) and listen to your feelings and intuition, starting from now and in the hours that follow the eclipse.

The eclipse will further shake things up in the establishment and will supercharge the changes of the social system.

I do not feel it is wise to predict what is ‘going to happen’, but I will be following the energy trail and the aftershock wave that includes Pluto’s direct motion on 11 September 16.56 GMT (00.56 on 12 September, Hong Kong time). That said, one possible outcome is an acceleration and surge of China onto the world stage. The Sabian Symbol for this solar eclipse, at 29.5 degrees (ie in the 30th degree) Cancer, is ‘A Daughter of the American Revolution’. The 30th degree of Cancer suggests the further transference of power from the United States to India and China. The path of the eclipse, the shadow of which moves directly over India and then China, also suggests a shake up within India and China themselves.

For me, having felt somewhat sluggish over the last week or so, my energy is suddenly lifting, including a wonderful lucid dream of floating along the ground at speed.

At present, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde, so we can feel the energy churning and changing inwardly, which should then reveal itself externally as the planets move forward, probably most notably after Pluto moves forward on 11 September 2009.